DNS Database Repository Search

Search our DNS repository of IP addresses, domains, and their records.

Looking for ideas on how to use this tool? You can search for domains behind an IP address, or all sub domains for a specific domain. You can also do sub domain discovery, find domains behind a specific service and much more.

Total domains in the database: 77,398,528

For API access, please visit API Access

Service Provider Discovery

Example to find domains using a product.

  * Find domains using CloudFlare's DNS.
  * Find domains using the Sucuri WAF/CDN.
  * Find domains using the Hey.com email service.
  * Find subdomains using Gitlab.

Sub domains Discovery

Example to discover all sub domains on your organization.

  * Find all sub domains from cisco.com.
  * Find all sub domains from microsoft.com.

Reverse lookup of domains on an IP

Example to find all domains hosted on an IP.

  * Find all domains on a BlueHost server.
  * Find all domains on a GoDaddy server.